Mom of Deshon Marman speaks out at church


Donna Doyle, mother of Deshon Marman, spoke about the incident in which her 20-year-old son was arrested after he did not immediately pull up his pants as flight attendants had requested.

Doyle also criticized the sheriff's deputies who allegedly got physical with Marman while escorting him off the plane.

"I look at Oscar grant, where they tazed and shot that boy and whatever they did," Doyle said. "I have my son and I'm here to talk and speak for him, so I give praise to God for that."

The NAACP has called the incident an act of racial profiling and has called on the airliner to apologize.

US Airways released a statement in response to the NAACP's comments, saying Marman was arrested for refusing to comply with crewmember instructions.

Doyle said Marman has since gone back to New Mexico to study and play football. Marman attends the University of New Mexico on a full academic and football scholarship.

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