Police ask for helping locating missing cyclist


Although an investigation is ongoing, Berkeley police say they are not actively searching for Martin because they would not even know where to begin looking.

Amaya James has in her hands the cellphone that may tell police more about Martin's disappearance. James was supposed to meet with her boyfriend on Saturday at 8 p.m. at his apartment near the UC Berkeley campus.

"I picked up food, I walked over to his place and I waited outside in front of his place for about an hour and a half, two hours and then I got a call from a cyclist who found his phone," she said.

The cellphone was picked up near a stretch of Tunnel Road just above the Caldecott Tunnel. Martin was riding a fluorescent green and white road bicycle. He may have been wearing street clothes at the time.

James says her boyfriend was just recovering from a respiratory illness and had also been fasting for several days.

"He was going through a cleanse and I think he was malnourished, physically, mentally and he may not have been able to cycle at the same level as he did before," James said.

Berkeley police are investigating the case, but say the former professional cyclist could be anywhere.

"It's possible that he as an avid cyclist and a former professional could have gone a number of different routes which covers 10, 12, 15 square miles of sometimes wooded terrain, sometimes steep terrain," Berkeley Police Sgt. Mary Kusmiss said.

Martin was an engineer and a physicist. His girlfriend admits he was having a hard time getting his life in order.

"He was under a lot of stress, he's working a full time job, he is trying to finish his Ph.D. in physics, that's a lot to have on your plate," James said.

She says Martin had recently decided to leave the Bay Area to move back to Florida where his parents live. His car is still parked behind his apartment complex.


Police say Anthony Michael Martin was seen with his bike in Roseville. They say he did not appear to be in distress and this case is now a private matter.

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