BART radio transmissions from Sunday shooting


BART Employee: Five-zero-five at Civic Center Two, that guy with the tie dye and the open bottle of alcohol, he's still there. He's kind of moving around a lot. BART Dispatcher: 10-4, I'll Notify BART Police.

Two officers responded to the station, they say the man was armed with a knife and a broken bottle at least one of them shot at the man within a minute of arriving on scene.

Police Dispatcher: Fired code 33 for Civic. Officer: "41 shots fired. Start me a Code 3 ambulance. He had a knife. Officer-involved shooting.

That 41 the officer refers to appears to be the officer's radio call sign and not the number of shots fired.

The San Francisco Police Department is leading the probe into the shooting. The officers involved remain on administrative leave, which is standard procedure. BART has surveillance cameras on the platform, but it hasn't released any video of the shooting.

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