5-year-old girl saves choking grandmother in SSF

July 18, 2011 11:46:52 AM PDT
A South San Francisco grandmother may be spoiling her granddaughter just a little bit more. The five-year-old saved her grandma's life with an action that was no easy feat for a little girl.

Lee-Ann McCurdy was watching her granddaughter Kaylee Schirmer when she began to choke on a chicken bone and could not breathe. That is when Kaylee started whacking her on the back.

"My nana was eating a piece of chicken and she was choking and she couldn't breathe and she couldn't talk and her last word was 'harder' and she was about to faint, but I gave her a few big ones and then it came out of her mouth," said Kaylee.

"I couldn't really believe it at first that such a tiny girl had such a power punch in her and I was just so truly happy that I could breathe and be with them both, and I was just extremely proud," said Lee-Ann.

Lee-Ann said that her granddaughter is a hero, and Kaylee said that her nana is very dear to her.

The family decided to go public with the story so that families with young children can learn from this.