Raiders' Taiwan Jones is ready to prove his speed


"I always knew Al Davis loved speed but I didn't think it would actually happen for him to draft me. What are the odds of me getting drafted locally? The fact that he picked me up, I guess he stuck to his plan, he loves speed and I got speed," said Jones.

Jones was a great college player, but he was great at Division 1-AA Eastern Washington to impress NFL scouts he needed to showcase his speed when it counted most.

At his pro-day workout in April he did just that, running the 40-yard dash in a smokin' 4.28 seconds.

"I wanted the world to see my speed and believe in my speed. I always felt like I was fast. It was my job to show everybody else that I was," said Jones.

Jones could have been a big-time player at a football powerhouse, but dyslexia made it difficult for him to get good grades, that's how he ended up at Eastern Washington. The learning disability is just one of the many obstacles Taiwan has overcome.

"During the draft there were a lot of things said that I'm undersized, I'm fragile, and things like that. So I'm definitely coming in with a chip on my shoulders," said Jones.

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