Boy hailed as hero in drowning rescues

SAN JOSE, Calif.

The San Jose fire department thanked Ishaan Singh for rescuing a 3-year-old friend who was drowning by presenting him with a plaque and a ride in a fire engine.

Ishaan seemed to take Wednesday's ceremony in stride. While looking around the fire station, he seemed wowed by the paparazzi.

Ishaan is being praised for his actions at a pool in the apartment complex where he lives. A small girl was riding on her grandfather's shoulders in the shallow end. Something happened; the girl and her grandfather fell into the pool and began drowning.

"I was totally scared," said Ishaan's mother Mangit Kaul. "My body was shaking. I just said 'Ishaan jump and pull her out.'"

"I swam there and I got her," Ishaan said. "I pushed her to the side and a woman pushed the grandpa on the side."

Ishaan has been swimming for two years and said he had no fear.

"I wasn't scared," Ishaan said. "I just jumped. I was being kind of brave -- you know, I'm brave."

Ishaan had saved lives. Paramedics arrived just minutes later. The little girl is fine though the grandfather is in serious condition.

Ishaan is getting a reward from his folks for this: An iPad. He likes to read and he already has his sights set on the future.

You'd think, with all of the firemen here, there is a career he'd want to follow, but the boy says he's going to become the CEO of a software company he's planning to create.

"It's what my dad does," Ishaan said. "I want to follow his generation."

"I won't be surprised if he makes it big," said father Sarabgit Singh. "He's a hard worker and he never quits."

The boy says he'll be back in the pool Thursday, swimming just a bit stronger and prouder.

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