Woman waits for company to replace broken shelf


The three piece display cabinet arrived with two of its ornamental glass shelves shattered, but getting them replaced turned into quite an ordeal.

Atyeh Sohrabvideh from Martinez loves her crystal collection.

"I just love the look of it. The way the light shines into it and it makes it alive," said Sohrabvideh.

She's been collecting crystal for the last 15 years. And she bought this display cabinet to show off that collection, but the centerpiece of her cabinet had a big empty spot. That's because the glass shelves arrived broken.

"They were in bits, little bits," said Sohrabvideh.

The online retailer Home Gallery agreed to have the shelves replaced, but told her it was on backorder and would take several months. When it finally came in, those shelves arrived broken as well.

Home Gallery reordered the shelves again and they would send them a third time.

"I was really patient," said Sohrabvideh. "Two times, they sent the replacement shelves two times because of poor packaging, they arrived broken."

That was 10 months after the original set arrived in pieces. In the meantime, Home Gallery arranged to get Sohrabvideh temporary shelves until her ornamental ones could be replaced. However, six more months came and went and Sohrabvideh had run out of patience.

"I was trying to be nice but when push came to shove, had to go to 7 On Your Side to get what was fairly mine," said Sohrabvideh.

Home Gallery's owner says replacement parts have to be ordered from the manufacturer and are sent directly to the customer. He says Home Gallery has no control over how well the manufacturer packs them.

Home Gallery President Lee Krumbein told 7 On Your Side by phone, "When I hear something like this, it tears my heart out. I'm glad we had something done for her. It took longer than it should."

Sohrabvideh's display cabinet is now complete. Her shelves finally replaced.

"You've taken a big load off my shoulders and I appreciate all your work," said Sohrabviden.

Home Gallery maintains its manufacturer has the highest packing standards and that cases like this one are rare.

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