Winchester Mystery House holding auditions

SAN JOSE, Calif.

The auditions will be held at Santa Clara University's Center for Performing Arts Recital Hall at 500 El Camino Real in Santa Clara, beginning at 6 p.m.

Those chosen will work at the house's first-ever "Fright Night" event, which will feature several mazes of various lengths designed to shock and frighten visitors.

Fright Nights will be held on weekends between Sept. 9 and Oct. 31.

The Winchester Mystery House is renowned for its strange architecture featuring staircases to nowhere, winding hallways and secret passageways. Visitors are advised to remain with their tours so as not to get lost.

According to the Winchester Mystery House's website, Sarah Winchester built the confusing house in the late 1800s after the deaths of several family members whom she believed had been killed by spirits of those who had died at the hands of the Winchester family.

Legend has it that a medium told Winchester that she could be next, unless she moved west and appeased the spirits by building a house for them -- which she did, trying to ensure her safety by never ceasing construction.

Auditions for "Fright Night" will continue through Tuesday. Those interested in auditioning can get more information by emailing

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