Two plead not guilty in attack of Bryan Stow


Defendants Louie Sanchez, 28, and Marvin Norwood, 30, are charged with mayhem, assault and battery in the March 31 beating of Bryan Stow, a Santa Cruz paramedic who suffered severe brain injuries and remains hospitalized.

During arguments on a motion to allow cameras in court, prosecutor Frank Santoro did not object, saying the case was not based on witness identifications but on admissions by both men. He said 20 witnesses had been asked to identify the men, but only one person was able to positively identify Sanchez and no one could identify Norwood.

"The case is based on admissions from both of them," Santoro said.

The camera motion was denied after the defense objected. Outside court, Sanchez's attorney, Gilbert Quinones, was asked about the prosecutor's claim that Sanchez and Norwood had made admissions.

"Making assertions and proving them are two different things," Quinones said.

During the brief hearing, several family members looked on as Sanchez and Norwood stood about 30 feet apart. They did not look at each other and spoke only through their lawyers. Relatives declined to comment to the media.

Police have portrayed Sanchez as leading the assault on Stow, which came March 31 at the culmination of an alleged rampage in which Sanchez and Norwood are accused of lashing out randomly at rival Giants fans at the stadium.

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