Four injured in series of shootings in Richmond


Around 10:45 p.m. Monday, Richmond police officers heard reports that shots were fired at Carlson Boulevard near a gas station. Police discovered a white SUV near the gas station that was full of bullet holes. The SUV crashed into a nearby motel. Two men were found with gunshot wounds, one of the men was found on the motel's roof. Both men are expected to survive with non-life threatening injuries. When the SUV crashed, it broke a gas line, causing temporary evacuations.

"There was an evacuation in the 5600 block of San Joaquin and at the 40 Flags Motel, because when the vehicle crashed into the side of the building, it ruptured a natural gas line, causing a cubic gas leak in the area. The area was evacuated until PG&E was called out to secure that area," said Richmond Police Lt. Bisa French.

Richmond police got a call just a couple of minutes later that a driver had been shot on I-80. A female driver was shot in the stomach and then rear-ended a truck. Three lanes of westbound I-80 were temporarily closed near Carlson. The woman is expected to survive.

Richmond police said there was another shooting earlier in the evening. They are investigating if there is any connection with the shootings.

No arrests have been made at this time.

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