Child's walker is stolen in front of Alameda home

A 2-year-old with special needs is without her walker after someone stole it in front of their Alameda home.

September 1, 2011 1:22:10 AM PDT
An Alameda father and his young daughter who has special needs, need your help to recover her walker. It's a Rifton Gait brand, red metal with a black tray on the front, and it's worth about $3,400.

The walker was stolen in front of a house on the 2700 block of Washington Street Sunday night.

Daniel Hurst says his 2-year-old daughter, Cambria, has special needs. Adding the walker made her feel like part of the world.

"That was like the first time she was able to go out and socialize with the neighborhood kids. She was born at the same time as several others on the block and now they've been walking and running around. So for the first time she was able to be out there and be part of it without being held, like I'm holding her right now," said Hurst.

If you have information about the walker, please call the Alameda Police Department.