9/11 video shows moments after Flight 93 crash


The man whose voice can be heard on the clip lived just a few miles away from the plane's crash site. He has since died, but his family passed the recording on to CNN on the condition they stay anonymous.

Flight 93 was bound for San Francisco. A group of passengers onboard stormed the cockpit to stop terrorists from their goal of flying the United plane into the White House. The new images are especially painful for everyone who lost loved ones on that plane.

The family of the captain of Flight 93, Capt Jason Dahl, is now preparing to mark the tenth anniversary of his death. For them, the video is a haunting new image of what happened when Flight 93 crashed.

"Saw the smoke come up and the explosion shook the house clear over here," the man on the tape says.

"When I heard it, it seemed like, it was like you were back there again getting a fresh report and kind of brought it all back too," said Dahl's sister Carol Heiderich.

Carol has plenty of memories from that tragic day. Flight 93 was the only plane hijacked by terrorists that did not reach its intended target. 40 good people and four terrorists died when passengers heroically stormed the cockpit.

"The great lesson from losing Jason is that you live every day and sometimes it might turn bad, but you live every day and embrace life," said Dah's brother-in-law Bill Heiderich.

Capt. Dahl's son Matt was only 15 when his father was killed. Now, for the first time since September 11, he plans to attend the annual anniversary in Shakesville. He is now 25, a college graduate, and married. At the memorial, he will be surrounded by family.

"Being together is going to be the strength, and knowing that matt has not been there before, we all want to be there for him as he experiences it for the first time," Carol said.

It took ten years for the new video of Flight 93 to surface and for some, reaching milestones in the healing process can take just as long.

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