Moms Against Poverty to hold big fundraiser


In a donated corner of a warehouse in Burlingame a small group of parents work at putting together gifts that will be auctioned off in a couple of days. It's the fourth year in a row that these suburban moms will turn their attention from jobs and carpools to helping total strangers.

"We want to change the cycle of poverty and we believed we could," said Delfirab Fanard with Mothers Against Poverty.

Four years ago five peninsula women founded Moms Against Poverty, or MAP. With no experience at fundraising or non-profits, they put together a party, drew 500 people and raised $60,000.

"I think in general people want to be good, people want to help, it's just they need a way and we gave them the way," said Fanard.

Now they party is a more organized affair with D.J.s and emcees and it's held at the Metreon in San Francisco. But, the moms still do the cooking and preparation and that's not all.

"It's hard, it's hard. You have to pick up the telephone and call. We are all volunteers, we are all professionals, we all work, but the passion is strong," said Fanard.

The volunteers are Iranian immigrants, many of whom juggle professional jobs, family and caring for adopted children from overseas. Locally, MAP has helped groups like Child Advocates of Silicon Valley -- donating $20,000 to help abused and neglected children who've been placed in foster care.

"They research their issues, their countries, their agencies. They conduct site visits. They get to know the staffs of the organizations they support. And they figure out the best way to invest to meet their goals," said Vick Grove from Child Advocates of Silicon Valley.

This year's fundraiser is Saturday at the Metreon in San Francisco.

"There is food, dancing, silent auctions, raffle tickets, and everybody comes together for a common cause of doing good," said Fanard.

Tickets for this year's event are $85.

To get tickets to the event and learn more about the deeds of this group you can check out their website.

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