Advocates gather for expired food ban

September 19, 2011 6:01:46 PM PDT
Advocates for consumers, seniors and children joined together Monday at the state capitol to push the governor to sign a bill banning the sale of expired infant food, baby formula and over the counter medication.

Among those speaking out in favor of the expiration bill was a father from Woodland, California, who says his one year old son became extremely ill after eating outdated baby food. He later went back to the store and said he found eight other jars of expired baby food products.

"This was a frightening experience for us and one which could have prevented if the store had reason to act more responsibly. No parent should have to worry like we did and no baby should have to suffer like Kai," said Dale Proctor.

Consumer advocates say most people already believe such a law exists and that undercover investigations have shown time after time that major retailers are selling expired products regularly.