Kelly apologizes for slapping fellow council member

Sausalito Vice Mayor Michael Kelly

September 28, 2011 12:42:57 AM PDT
There was an apology made Tuesday night in the slapping incident at a Sausalito City Council meeting.

It was the first council meeting since Vice Mayor Mike Kelly slapped Councilwoman Carolyn Ford's hand. It happened September 13th, after Ford lifted her hand toward Kelly and shushed him.

Kelly said the slap came after a grueling five-hour council meeting filled with considerable conflict.

"This was truly uncharacteristic behavior on my part. I am deeply embarrassed by my action and I apologize to Carolyn Ford and to the citizens of Sausalito. Going forward, no matter how passionate or heated the debate, I promise to conduct myself in a respectful manner that befits the office of Sausalito council members," said Kelly.

Ford said she appreciated and accepted Ford's apology, but she has filed a complaint with police.