Roseanne says guilty bankers should be beheaded


The comedienne and self-proclaimed presidential candidate appeared on the RT television program "Keiser Report" and said if she were president, she would bring back the guillotine as a form of capital punishment for the "worst of the worst of the guilty."

"I, first, would allow the guilty bankers to pay back anything over $100 million (in) personal wealth, because I believe in the maximum wealth of $100 million," Barr said. "If they're unable to live on that amount, they should go to re-education camps. And if that doesn't work, they should be beheaded."

Barr is one of several celebrities to come out in support of hundreds of protesters who camped out in a lower Manhattan park as part of the "Occupy Wall Street" demonstration.

Barr announced her candidacy for president under the "Green Tea Party" ticket on NBC's Tonight Show in August. In a separate interview, Barr also said she is running for Prime Minister of Israel.

In addition to bringing back the guillotine for executing bankers, Barr also said she would legalize marijuana and outlaw war if she were elected president.

Barr is currently starring in a reality show surrounding her life as a macadamia nut farmer.

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