iPhone 5 may not surface at Apple event


According to the website Mashable, sourcing information from the blog 9to5mac, developer data contains several references to a mobile phone called the "iPhone 4S," but no reference to an iPhone 5.

The developer information, which has been around since August but only recently reported, suggests the iPhone 4S would be available in a black version and a white version. The current iPhone also comes in these two colors.

A revamped version of the iPhone 4 with the "S" branding would be similar to what Apple did in 2009 when, instead of launching a redesign of its phone with new featured, Apple simply repackaged its iPhone 3G with a speedier processor.

The iPhone 4 was a major upgrade from the iPhone 3GS both in design and in features. A faster processor, a front-facing camera, a completely redesigned package and the launch of a CDMA phone for Verizon Wireless were some of the things that separated the iPhone 3GS from the iPhone 4.

The iPhone 4S is expected to also contain a faster processor similar to what is currently found in the iPad 2, an upgraded camera and a few other changes.

Apple's next event is scheduled for October 4.

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