Court documents paint picture of shooting suspect

SAN JOSE, Calif.

Allman had claimed a book he wrote on domestic violence was the most popular book in six women's prisons, but in several court records uncovered by ABC7, Allman was shown to have faced some serious accusations himself.

Allman left behind two adult children by two different women: Valerie Allman was one of them, married to Allman for three years before she filed for divorce and a restraining order in Santa Clara County Superior Court.

"My husband has a violent temper," she wrote. "Cannot stand anyone to disagree with him. He interprets it as a challenge to him, and he reacts with physical violence."

She later went on to say that Allman "assaulted me several times during the marriage...grabbed me by my hair and dragged me off the bed."

Valerie Allman said the most serious incident required a police visit and medical treatment in August 1991.

"He picked up a brass lamp and hit me on the side of the head and knocked me unconscious," Valerie Allman wrote.

One time, she said Allman flew into a rage when he couldn't find one of his guns.

"He started accusing me...I did not take his gun, but he would not believe me," Valerie Allman wrote.

In court papers, Allman accused his former wife of being jealous "because I have found a new relationship and she still wants to be married."

"My wife should note that I am very physically fit, and being physically fit I know that I have to take care and not to exert what I may think would be normal pressure which other people may believe to be physical abuse," Allman wrote. "However, in this case, I can clearly say this physical abuse never occurred."

In the end, the judge gave Valerie Allman sole custody of their son and allowed Allman to visit. Valerie Allman's claims echo those that were heard on Wednesday from the mother of Allman's other child.

ABC7 tried to call Valerie Allman on Thursday but could not reach her for comment.

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