Judge: Taco Bell doesn't accommodate handicapped

October 7, 2011 5:01:34 PM PDT
Taco Bell may have to remodel many of its restaurants after a federal judge ruled the company has not done enough to accommodate people with disabilities.

The ruling came out of a lawsuit that originated at a Taco Bell in San Pablo. While the restaurant has made modifications, the judge ruled the company hasn't done enough at the rest of its 220 establishments in California for people who use wheelchairs.

Barriers at the serving line were just one of the complaints.

"There was no signage for van parking; the bathrooms were non-compliant," said Brad Seligman, senior counsel for the Impact Fund. "The tables did not have places where people with wheelchairs could eat. The doors did not meet compliance of how heavy they have to be for opening it."

A spokesperson for the restaurant did not want to comment to ABC7 about the case.

The judge's order is on hold while the courts consider Taco Bell's request to limit the injunction.