Man killed in officer-involved shooting in San Jose


Monday's shooting happened on Hillsdale Avenue. A nearby career technical school closed because of the reports of a man with a gun.

At 5:30 a.m. police responded to reports of gunshots near Casselino Drive. It startled Martha Martinez's grand-daughter.

"She said she heard all kinds of -- about eight gunshots, and she heard a car take off real fast," said Martinez. "That's what woke her up."

Police searched the neighborhood. They found a car with bullet holes, but no gunman. They did find a trail of blood on a sidewalk leading up to the Central County Occupational Center, a school that prepares students for careers.

Some students were just arriving for classes.

"I just parked the car and the moment I parked the car, I almost stepped on blood," said a student.

At 6:10 a.m. police checked out a report of a man walking in the area with a handgun. They say two officers saw the suspect in front of the school.

"At that point, they contacted a lone male suspect who was armed with a handgun," said San Jose Police Spokesman Sgt. Jason Dwyer. "Officers saw some type of behavior, some type of activity that that suspect displayed with the handgun that led them to believe that they were in danger for their lives,"

"I heard screeching noises and all I heard was gunshots," said Brandilyn Montoya who was nearby.

"One officer fired, striking the suspect and the suspect is deceased as a result of the shooting," said Dwyer.

It was a scary morning for students and residents of the area.

"It's sad that someone did get shot here around a neighborhood that was supposed to be safe and secure," said student Misty DelGado.

This past month, there have been four officer-involved shootings in San Jose.

"It's a dangerous job and we're trying to do it with less than optional staffing," said Dwyer. "We're just going to have to work through it."

Police have not released the suspect's name or motive. However, they do believe he was the man who shot at the car. They don't know, however, know why he was bleeding prior to the shooting.

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