Police investigate shooting in San Jose

SAN JOSE, Calif.

The shooting happened in the back of an apartment complex on Wooster Avenue in San Jose. Three officers and one reserve officer went to the complex after receiving an emergency phone call about a man with a firearm.

Police aren't releasing many details; however, something took place that caused the officers to open fire on the suspect.

One witness told ABC7 the suspect was sitting in his car at the time. San Jose police aren't confirming that and won't even say if the person who was killed had a gun.

"At this point, I can't get into details as to whether he was armed or not," said Ofc. Jose Garcia with the San Jose Police Department. "I have to wait until the investigators are able to determine that information and release it to the community."

Garcia said the officer who opened fire felt threatened "to the point where he felt necessary to protect himself, his fellow officers or even the community."

The officer-involved shooting was the sixth this year, with most of the recent ones happening within the past week. Police say they're not sure why there have been so many shootings this year.

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