911 tapes recall desperate scene at quarry shooting

SAN JOSE, Calif.

Authorities say Shareef Allman shot nine people, killing three when he opened fire during an early morning employee meeting. The 911 calls give insight into just how desperate the incident was.

The first 911 call from the Lehigh cement plant in Cupertino came in at 4:27 a.m. The 911 callers were stunned and desperate for help.

More than one identified the shooter as co-worker Shareef Allman. Authorities say Allman used a handgun and assault weapon. In all, three people were killed, six others wounded.

To listen to the 911 recordings, click here.

In the minutes following the rampage, emergency dispatchers tried to help calm and treat survivors trying to comprehend the deadly and chaotic scene that had unfolded before them.

Police say Allman killed himself one day later, ending an exhaustive manhunt.

Grief counselors are still being made available to Lehigh employees and ABC7 has learned that several employees have yet to return to work, with the company's full support.

Representatives from Lehigh declined to speak to ABC7 on camera for this story.

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