Apple's digital jukebox iPod turns 10 years old


Apple's digital music jukebox was first announced on Oct. 23, 2001 by then-CEO Steve Jobs. It's biggest selling point: Cram your entire CD collection into once small device. The first-generation iPod had a five-gigabyte hard drive capable of holding around 1,000 songs.

The iPod was released to stores on Nov. 10, 2001 for $399.

Throughout the years, the iPod has received many new features, including a color screen capable of viewing photos and videos, but for the most part, the iPod -- or "iPod Classic," as it's now called -- kept the same design.

Success of the iPod could be attributed to its ability to sync seamlessly with Apple's music program and store iTunes.

Eventually, Apple gave birth to several other variations of the iPod, including a smaller version called the iPod Mini (now called the iPod Nano), the screen-less and budgetable iPod Shuffle and the iPod Touch, which looks and acts similar to an iPhone with the exception of placing and receiving calls.

The price point for the iPod also fell over the years: Today, the sixth-generation iPod can hold 30,000 songs on its 160-gigabyte hard drive at a cost of $249.

According to CNET, Apple has sold more than 300 million iPod devices as of 2011.

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