Police shoot, kill man in Antioch


Neighbors say police gave ample warning to the man they had chased into this Antioch neighborhood. They told him to put down the gun he had.

"I was right there and I heard everything... tell him to put it down and to let it go and just get on the ground, but he wasn't listening," said neighbor Cassandra Fisher.

And that's when soon after, they heard a series of gunshots.

"I heard I think it was the cops yelling at him like saying 'Get down!' or something and then I just heard like three gunshots and then I heard like 12 after that," said neighbor Tabitha Fisher.

A family member says the man Antioch police shot and killed was 33-year-old Josh Peterson who lived less than a block away from where he was gunned down. Antioch police say officers came face to face with him after having received a report of a fugitive in the area. Peterson was wanted on two arrest warrants -- one for burglary and one for a probation violation.

"We got a call here at about 5:50 p.m. tonight regarding a male with a gun, officers arrived on scene, gave chase after the suspect, multiple officers were involved in the chase and at this point we had an officer involved shooting, we're currently investigating," said Antioch Police Capt. Leonard Orman.

This stretch of Lemontree Way has one apartment building after another and neighbors say luckily, no one got caught in the crossfire or got hit by a stray bullet. But many are still shaken.

"Man this is... you know I have kids. I moved from Oakland to get out of the ghetto so-called and I'm still in it," said neighbor Rick McKinney.

Antioch police won't say how many officers were involved, they would only say multiple officers fired their weapons.

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