War vet Scott Olsen posts online statement

The first public photo of Scott Olsen, posted on his Google Plus profile, since the Iraq war veteran was injured in an 'Occupy Oakland' protest in late October. (Photo: Scott Olsen/Google Plus)

November 13, 2011 7:48:44 PM PST
War veteran Scott Olsen, who was injured by a flying projectile during an 'Occupy Oakland' protest in late October, is writing publicly for the first time since the incident.

Writing on a Google Plus profile, Olsen said he's "feeling a lot better, with a long road in front of me."

"After my freedom of speech was quite literally taken from me, my speech is coming back but I've got a lot of work to do with rehab," Olsen wrote. "You'll be hearing more from me in the near future."

Olsen geographically tagged his location "San Mateo." According to several reports, Olsen had been discharged from an unknown hospital within the past week.

The first public image of Olsen accompanied his post on Google Plus. In it, Olsen's neck could be seen in a brace and a faint bruise was visible above his left eyebrow.

Olsen had received treatment earlier from an injury sustained at the Oct. 25 'Occupy Oakland' protest at Highland Hospital, but a hospital spokesperson said he had been moved to another location at the request of his insurance provider.

The spokesperson also said documentary filmmaker Michael Moore had tried to visit Olsen against the wishes of the hospital and Olsen's family.