Occupy protesters march through Oakland


Police and neighbors were at the proposed site of the new encampment at 19th and Telegraph in Oakland, waiting and wondering what was going to happen on Saturday afternoon.

Several dozen police were gathered at the park along with residents. Police were also stationed along various corners and other locations throughout the street.

All afternoon, the police presence grew at the vacant lot next to the Fox Theatre. On Friday, "No trespassing" signs went up as neighbors put on their own demonstration against an Occupy encampment setting up.

"I think if they are going to try to occupy this area, the police are going to prevent them from doing it," said one resident. "However, if they were successful in occupying this area, I believe you would have a dirty, disgusting, filthy tent city filled with crime, drugs, drug dealing, rats and disease just like you did at downtown Oakland."

Early Saturday afternoon, police handed out notices of eviction to protesters camped out at Snow Park, warning them that they were in violation of the law and they need to pack up.

It was the second notice from police in three days. Mayor Jean Quan said the encampment will close on Sunday.

With Frank Ogawa Plaza empty of tents, a few protesters to city hall to plant a corner garden. City officials were holding talks as to whether or not the garden would stay.

"Start providing a beautiful space for people to organize and educate and feed each other," said Leila Seraphin. "I think it's really representative of a lot of goals we have."

Other demonstrators gathered nearby to protest crime, and some said they were not happy to see the Occupy protesters back.

"I am the 99 percent, and I feel like their efforts should be directed against the 1 percent, not the other 99 percent," said Theresa Butler.

A number of Saturday's protesters represented union groups, while others protested against school closures.

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