Police order new Occupy camp to dissolve


The encampment at the vacant lot didn't last long. Sunday morning around 8 a.m., protesters woke up to a line of Oakland police officers and orders to pack up their tents within 20 minutes. To the relief of nearby neighbors, the protesters peacefully complied.

"We're happy to see it gone," said resident Steve Luce. "There won't be any more threats. While we are sympathetic to their aims, we have no sympathy for their tactics."

City workers and garbage trucks quickly moved in and cleared out what was left of the encampment. A few protesters watched behind barriers.

"I think they're continuing to misplace their priorities by spending resources in military-style raids," said protester Sean Abbott-Klafter. "At the same time, they're closing schools."

An estimated 700 protesters stormed into the park at 19th and Telegraph Saturday evening. The land is owned by the Oakland Redevelopment Agency.

Neighbors said there was some violence.

"A few individuals, all dressed in black with little masks, they'd run and pick up rocks and throw it at cars," said neighbor Taku Ronsman.

In the end, campers gave up relatively quietly.

"It was mainly -- we wanted to keep our tents," said protester Margaret Stretch. "We've lost so many tents and we can't afford to lose any more. It's a tactic showing we are good citizens, we are willing to obey when they give us enough reason."

Occupy protesters remain in Snow Park near Lake Merritt, despite police handing out eviction notices ordering their departure this weekend.

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan is giving the Snow Park demonstrators a little more time while some campers are moved to homeless shelters.

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