Nationwide chain rethinks coupon wording


Sue Vioss and her family ate at a Cupertino T.G.I. Friday's a while back. They came, at least in part, because of a T.G.I. Friday's "buy one get one free" deal. It seems simple, but if you read on down through the fine print, you'll see it says, "Discount applies to item of equal or lesser value."

"We purchased three meals and they took off the least expensive meal and I thought that didn't quite jived with the coupon," said Vioss.

To sue it seemed simple and she feels taken. That interpretation of the coupon cost her family $10.

"They said 'equal or lesser,' but they chose the lesser that didn't seem real fair," said Vioss.

So we contacted the TGI Friday's people and they got back to Vioss in a hurry.

"I heard from T.G.I.F. corporate and they contacted me and said that they had a lot of missed opportunities to make the situation right and she said she wanted to make it right and she sent me some certificates for use at T.G.I.F's," said Vioss.

She received $30 worth, which was very nice and there was this hand-written note and a promise to take a second look at things.

"They actually said they were looking into revamping how their wording was on their coupons, so that was nice to hear," said Vioss.

And they confirmed all of that with 7 On Your Side as well.

They said, "We gladly provided the guest with gift coupons for her inconvenience which she happily accepted. We are also reviewing the wording on our coupons to ensure that the offer is clearly communicated."

We will of course keep track and see what the restaurant does with its future coupons.

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