Occupy movement takes out newspaper ads

The full-page ad told readers that the congressional super committee failed to reduce the deficit, but that there is a solution.

"It started because a friend sent me an email," Marti Roach said.

Her friend's email outlined goals for cutting the federal deficit.

"And the little note the friend wrote was, 'It's too bad the main stream won't see this," Roach said.

So she got the idea to spend $8,500 to make the message more available.

"A lot of people really identify with the Occupy movement, polls show that that the majority of people do, and yet people get frustrated because what they see covered in a lot of the media are the tents and police scuffles," Roach said.

The goals are spelled out on the Occupy Washington D.C. website's banner: tax the rich, end the wars, healthcare for all.

ABC7 political analyst Bruce Cain says it sounds a lot like the progressive wing of the Democratic Party.

"I think the hope here is with the relabeling to give more cache to these ideas and hopefully create a little more political pressure on their behalf," Cain said.

Roach hopes the result will be more people giving the Occupy movement another look.

At occupy San Francisco Tueday afternoon, protester Miles Avery hadn't see the ad and hadn't even heard about it. He says no one at the camp gets the newspaper.

But he liked the message.

"By looking at it Iwould love to see this in every single newspaper," Avery said.

Avery says the reaction around camp would be that $8,500 could be better spent helping out the campers with food and other needs,but he gets the call to political action.

"We do need to have political change obviously, I don't want to have to build an entire new country, I want to fix the one we have," Avery said.

The ad in the chronicle is one ad, in one paper, paid for by Roach and 99 of her friends and supporters. Cain says it's not likely to have a big impact, but if the Occupy movement is going to have a significant impact on the political front, voting rather than camping will be the way to get there.

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