Most businesses happy to see Occupy camp go


"I was very happy this morning to see they were cleaning up and people were giving high fives to the police officers," Lore Borsoni said.

Borsoni works for mushroom vendor Far West Fungi Shop in the Ferry Building. She tells us during the past several weeks the occupiers have trashed the restrooms, and stolen from other shops. She's delighted they've been swept out of Justin Herman Plaza.

The chief engineer of the nearby Hyatt is also glad to see the occupiers go.

"Absolutely, because it's a total mess," Javier Domingo said. "Not good for the city, it looks very unpleasant and I'm glad this is all clear and clean."

Many of the hotels and restaurants surrounding the plaza had been wondering how long they would have to wait before the city finally enforced the no-camping laws.

Steve Falk, president on the Chamber of Commerce, heard plenty from those who have suffered financial losses.

"The overall impact, I can tell you first hand from emails, and letters and phone calls I received, is that people were reluctant to come into the city if they had business in that particular area," he said.

Some business owners have even threatened to sue the city, but protesters feel they are being made into a scapegoat.

"I happen to know all those businesses have a problem with shoplifting all the time, all those businesses have a problem with panhandlers all the time, so to blame it on occupy, I believe, is part of a dis-information campaign," protester Kate Raphael said.

And as they gathered Wednesday in front of the Federal Reserve, and in the middle of Market Street, trying to figure out their next moves, Occupy San Francisco has support from at least one vendor in the Ferry Building who does not think the camp should have been cleared.

"I think they should be allowed to stay and speak their voice," Shane Merriman of Bay Cross said.

Many of the businesses consider themselves to be part of the 99 percent and they support the message of the Occupy protesters but not the way its been delivered.

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