Breastfeeding moms hold 'nurse-ins' at Target stores


Just outside the main doors at the Emeryville Target, moms and babies moved in to nurse.

"I thought I would come out and support and show that feeding your baby in public is normal and natural," nursing mom Paala Secor said.

Many of the women in Emeryville are upset at what happened miles away at a Houston, Texas Target where a mom claims store workers harassed her for trying to breastfeed her baby.

"We should be able to breastfeed out in public; there is nothing wrong about it, there's nothing dirty about it, it's nourishing our children," nursing mom Jessica Dorrington said.

Target does have a policy for moms who need to feed their babies and says it works hard to help nursing moms.

"If they were to approach us and ask for a more private location, we would definietly give them one, such as the fitting room, to make them feel comfortable," Target spokesperson Christie Sampson said.

It is unclear though if that offer was made to the Houston mother.

Moms in Emeryville say that store is accommodating, but believe they should be able to nurse anywhere, not just in a private location.

Shoppers have mixed feelings on that.

"I think that breastfeeding is something that's natural, as long as they are covered up and not bothering anyone else it's OK to feed your baby," Craig Canada said.

The nursing moms hope their presence and message will change policy at Target stores and elsewhere.

"We really don't want to be against anything, we want to be for breastfeeding and for the right for mothers to be able to nourish their babies wherever whenever the baby needs to be nourished," Samsarah Morgan said.

Target corporate did release a statement Wednesday saying, "Guests who choose to breastfeed in public areas of the store are welcome to do so without being made to feel uncomfortable." The company added that it's going to make sure all of its employees understand that policy.

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