Tech consumption, innovation to continue in 2012

January 2, 2012 6:20:58 AM PST
As one year gives way to a new one, some technology invariably gives way to a new one, too. In the coming year, CDs, fluorescent bulbs and radios will be eclipsed by new devices.

In 2011, Americans spent more time looking at their mobile devices than looking at all print media combined for the first time. Not much more, but it is a first.

Projecting this data into the coming year, we will spend almost twice as much time in front of mobile devices as in front of paper. These figures are from a report by research company eMarketer.

Among electronic media, television use continues to grow. And we spend more time in front of TVs than all other digital media combined.

The loser is radio: Year after year, we spend less time listening to it, and, projecting eMarketer's trend, a year from now we could be spending more time with tablets and phones than with radios.

More of us than ever are watching televisions lit with LEDs. In 2012, more screens will be sold with LED backlights than fluorescent bulb backlights.

Finally, 2012 will become the first year that we spend more money on streaming music than on CDs -- $2.8 billion vs. $2.7 billion.

What does all this mean?

LED TVs mean vastly reduced electric bills and longer life. Sending news to a screen uses less energy than sending it to your doorstep. And streaming music wastes no paper or plastic.

So 2012 promises to be greener year.

By the way, 83 percent of adults under 25 watch most of their TV online.



eMarketer 2011 Summary and Forecast