1st ever carbon neutral cafe opens in Oakland

January 23, 2012 9:24:50 PM PST
A new coffee shop has opened in Oakland, reportedly the first in the country that's 100 percent carbon neutral.

From the floor that uses eco-friendly wax, to the energy efficient LED lighting on the ceiling, Noble Cafe is committed to doing no harm to the environment.

The espresso machine shuts off after each use and the owner even makes a donation to the park service each month, equal to his energy bill, to make his business carbon neutral.

"If this is $700 per month, then we take those $700 and give a check, cash, money to parks of Oakland," Noble Cafe owner Dimitri Thompson said. "So we don't carbon offset by the rainforest in Brasil, but actually doing it locally with the parks of Oakland."

Noble Cafe is also asking customers to do their share. Those who plug in a laptop will be asked to contribute 50 cents to offset the carbon created in the electricity they consume.