Driver killed in road rage crash on I-80 in Richmond

January 25, 2012 11:49:13 AM PST
The driver of a minivan was killed in an apparent road-rage crash on I-80 in Richmond early this morning.

According to witnesses he was driving slowly, about 50 mph in the carpool lane - so some cars kept passing him. They said he was tapping his brakes repeatedly as well as tailgating. When a pickup truck passed he got extremely angry and then slammed into the side of the truck.

"What we are trying to determine is if these parties knew each other. Was it a road rage incident? Was it simply an unsafe lane change? There were some reports about brake checking in the area between these vehicles - so we are trying to follow up on that. We have some very good witness statements. The driver of the pickup truck stayed behind, gave us a really good statement. So now for us as CHP personnel, it's just a process of doing a thorough collision investigation," said CHP Spokesperson Sam Morgan.

The van rolled four times on the freeway and then landed on all four wheels in the middle of I-80; fortunately nobody else hit him. The driver was wearing a seatbelt. Several lanes were blocked, which backed up traffic for miles.

At this point officers' don't plan on making any arrests or issuing any citations because they believe they driver who was at fault died.

Anyone with information on the collision is asked to call the Oakland-area CHP office at (510) 450-3821 or (800) TELL-CHP.