Skydiving birthday boy gets unexpected present


"My birthday. I like to make them memorable, so I didn't have the courage to jump out of a plane, and I convinced a couple of my family members to go with me," says Charles Henry of Oakland.

They went to a popular indoor skydiving venue in Union City called iFLY SF Bay.

"It was fun, it was strange. It is essentially a wind tunnel that is vertical and at some point they let you go and you are actually flying and you shoot 20 feet up into the air. There is no experience like it," says Henry.

So where's the consumer problem?

There was a glitch and two reservations were made with two credit card charges -- nearly $300 in over-charges.

Henry was told that one of the charges would be removed, but that didn't happen. When he called, they said they'd take care of it, but that didn't happen.

He called his credit card company and they said 60 days had past so they couldn't help.

"So we said let's call Channel 7 and that's when I called you," says Henry.

7 On Your Side contacted iFLY and the folks there got on top of it in short order.

"He made a reservation in August and he called for a refund in September. We processed it that day," says Dan Chance, of iFLY. "We got a phone call from you guys. I investigated further and come to find out while the computer showed it, the backend never processed it."

Now they've figured out the problem and have it fixed.

"You guys have been great and helped us out," says Henry.

There are two lessons here: Contact your credit card company about double charges right away and then call Michael Finney!

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