Accidentally released suspect back in custody


Jose Hernandez was supposed to be turned over to police after being treated at the John George Psychiatric Pavilion at the Alameda County Medical Center Sunday evening. But that's not what happened. The staff at the psychiatric facility inadvertently released the 32-year-old domestic violence suspect.

Hernandez was brought to the facility Saturday afternoon after police say he tried to kill himself outside his former girlfriend's apartment. Hernandez was wanted in connection with a previous domestic violence incident involving the same woman.

Police say on Saturday night, he broke the window of her apartment when she refused to let him in.

A neighbor, who did not want to be identified, knows both individuals and says Hernandez was loud and drunk.

"Yeah, he doesn't want to live without his wife; that's what he was saying and if he tried to kill himself he can kill someone else," the man said.

Police say, when officers tried to talk to him, Hernandez cut his throat with a kitchen knife and then began stabbing himself in the chest.

He was treated for his wounds, given a psychiatric evaluation and released.

Hernandez took a cab to an intersection in Union City and then disappeared. He was spotted Tuesday afternoon by a police officer and taken into custody without incident. The officer says Hernandez had tried to conceal the wound on his throat but he was still able to recognize him.

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