Galaxy Note -- part smartphone, part tablet


People are asking if the new Samsung Galaxy Note is supposed to be a phone or a tablet. Placed next to an iPhone, it looks positively colossal.

Whether it's a big phone or a tiny tablet, there's nothing tiny about the marketing effort. Samsung has stationed cartoonists at malls across America to paint portraits of passers-by using the Galaxy Note's pressure sensitive pen.

The Galaxy Note is actually not the first device to have a 5-inch screen and a pen. Almost 20 years ago, Apple made one called the Newton. It was such a colossal failure it almost ran them out of business. So is the world finally ready to try it again?

"This is a much better experience, especially because you can still type with your fingers, it is a touchscreen," CNET senior associate editor Jessica Dolcourt said.

Dolcourt was impressed by that screen, which is perfect for reading books and not bad for watching movies. She's gotten used to taking notes with the pen, but still calls it "awkward" to hold in your hands.

If your hands and your pockets are big enough, you better make sure your wallet is too -- the Galaxy Note is selling for $300 dollars at AT&T.

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