No gunman found after search of Livermore school


Wednesday was a rough day for more than two dozen students and faculty, especially coming so soon after the fatal school shooting in Ohio. Students were scared, but unhurt. And there is still no sign of a man with a rifle.

The all clear came shortly before 7 p.m. when students were allowed to finally leave their locked classroom after more than two frightening hours.

"It was very scary actually, a lot of pressure," said Lisette Alfaro, a student.

Just before 4:30, Lisette was with her mother, Maria Alfaro, who first reported seeing a man in the hallway wearing jeans, a hoodie and a black beanie and carrying a rifle under his arm.

"It was a long one. I don't know much about weapons, but I could just say it was long, it was like a rifle. I don't know what kind of weapon it was, but I saw it," said Maria.

Maria warned the faculty member who runs the afterschool program.

"My first thought was to go back, to tell Scott to call 911. I mean, I was afraid if we went out something could happen. I was also afraid that he could lock the front door to the school and do something bad with all the kids and pals in there," said Maria Alfaro

For more than two hours police surrounded East Avenue Middle School. They searched every classroom, closet and garbage can. While that was going on, about 16 students who were part of an afterschool program stayed locked in a homework room with an adult. About 10 faculty members sheltered in place. Police did not find a gunman.

"Well we've checked the area and we haven't been able to find anybody matching that description and our main concern was on campus and we were able to clear that. There have been officers checking the neighborhood, but we haven't found anybody matching that description," said Livermore Police Sgt. John Hurd.

Anxious parents waited at a nearby shopping center to be reunited with their children. Maria and her daughter were inside the school right in the middle of it.

"I think everything came after once we were in the room and having thoughts of what could have happened if he turned around. That's what we're going through," said Maria.

There is no active police search for a gunman. Police say school will be open tomorrow.

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