6 school workers in trouble for not reporting abuse


The Redwood City School District has completed its review in the alleged child abuse scandal that has a teacher facing charges. Now, six other employees will now face disciplinary action.

"How could this have ever been allowed to happen and why did six people stand idly by while a child was being abused?" said attorney Christopher Dolan.

Dolan is the attorney for the family of a 5-year-old autistic boy who was enrolled in a special education preschool class at Roosevelt Elementary School. His teacher, Alexia Bogdis, is accused of abusing him and another 4-year-old boy. The abuse reportedly happened in December and January.

"He is acting out in ways that appear to mirror the abuse that was meted out to him," said Dolan.

With Bogdis' arrest, the Redwood City School District investigated whether other school employees knew of the alleged abuse. Eight employees were placed on leave and now, superintendent Jan Christensen reveals on the district's website "...that six employees knew of possible abuse and did not meet their legal obligation to report it." The district goes on to say it "will proceed with appropriate disciplinary action for these employees."

Dolan says that just isn't good enough.

"The law is very clear that the failure to report is a criminal charge. It's not a civil matter, it's a crime," said Dolan.

And he says his clients haven't even been made aware of this new development.

"They're upset that the school district hasn't bothered to call them to tell them personally this is the action we're taking," said Dolan.

ABC7 tried to contact the superintendent, but have not heard back yet. Bogdis is set to be arraigned Wednesday and Dolan says his clients will be watching closely.

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