3 men arrested for October shooting in San Leandro


Back in October Roger Kiel begged people who were at the party to call police with information so he could get justice for his daughter. Now he says he's three steps closer to getting that justice.

For the last five months, except for a small shrine to her, Kiel has kept his daughter Shanice's bedroom almost exactly the same as the last time she was there.

"Because I actually, in my mind, keep thinking she's coming home," he said.

Shanice Kiel was one of three people shot to death early last October in San Leandro.

Now, Kiel says he's feeling relief.

"I can't even express how I feel right now," he said. "I feel a joy as a father that I didn't think I would ever get."

San leaner police have arrested three men: 19-year-old Aaron Stewart, 21-year-old Anthony Perry, and 18-year-old Stanley Turner. They are now facing charges including homicide for their alleged roles in the murder of Shanice and her two friends, Leneasha Northington and Joshua Alford.

Kiel says he's since been in close contact with the family of the other victims.

"We got a walkthrough of the murders, from the witnesses that were there," he said.

Kiel says the shooting started because his daughter and her friends brushed off the young men and their bruised egos triggered the gunfire.

A fourth man, 20-year-old Paul Arthur Stevenson was arrested a few weeks after the shootings. He's charged with three counts of murder.

Kiel says he is surprised by these latest arrests because he figured the three young men had fled the state.

He had reached out to America's Most Wanted just this week.

"I have this renewed faith in the police department; I can't believe that I was on the verge of contacting America's Most Wanted," Kiel said.

Kiel learned about the latest arrests from ABC7 and he says he quickly called the other victim's families. He says they're all happy and are now preparing for these suspects to wind through the court system.

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