CHP arrests woman after high-speed chase

DUBLIN, Calif.

44-year-old Jennifer Zinn spent more than an hour leading CHP officers on a wlld chase from Sacramento to Fremont, zipping in and out of traffic, and hitting speeds of over 100 mph. She spent most of the afternoon undergoing at the Dublin CHP headquarters being evaluated before likely being taken to the county jail.

The 44-year-old from Granite Bay, California was pulled from her green Ford Expedition by CHP officers, pushed to the ground, and searched. She later appeared relaxed and told reporters she would be happy to talk if the officers would let her. They wouldn't. "That's going to be part of the investigation and we'll get more into that as the case unfolds," CHP Sgt. Robert Rickman said when asked what Zinn said about why she didn't stop.

Zinn was speeding on Interstate 80 near Sacramento and when an officer tried to pull her over she, punched it. The 2005 Expedition was clocked at 100 mph during the chase. She took the 680 freeway south, driving on the shoulder to get around traffic and she briefly lost control, almost hitting the median on 680 just south of Andrade Road.

When she got to the auto mall parkway on the northern edge of Fremont, she got off the freeway and then back on again, this time, heading northbound. That gave the CHP the opportunity to lay down spike strips. The right side of her tires started smoking as they hit the strips and within minutes, Zinn was pulled over and CHP officers were coming to get her with their guns drawn.

"We utilized the spike strips and it took several tries, but due to our diligence, we were able to spike the vehicle and come to a stop without any damage to property or injuries to either her or personnel," Rickman said.

Before CHP officers told Zinn not to talk to reporters, ABC7's Mark Matthews managed to ask her why she didn't pull over when officers first turned on their lights and sirens. She smiled and shrugged. It's unknown if that was an answer or if it she was just having trouble hearing through the patrol car door. She will have plenty of time to ponder the answer to that question at the Alameda county Jail.

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