Man found guilty in murder of Biletnikoff's daughter


Tracey Biletnikoff would be 33 years old if she were alive today. In February 1999, her body was found dumped on a hillside at Canada College. She and her then-boyfriend, Mohammed Haroon Ali, had successfully completed a drug rehab program, but he had recently relapsed. Thursday he was found guilty -- for the second time -- of strangling her and dumping the body.

Ali's brother angrily left the courthouse.

"There is no justice here, only vengeance," Mohammed Kahn said.

Tracey's father, former Raiders wide receiver Fred Biletnikoff was in the courtroom when the verdict was read.

"Thank god we're going to be able to keep somebody like this off the streets so he can't do the same thing to somebody else's daughter," Biletnikoff said.

The Biletnikoffs had to endure a second trial because the first verdict was overturned by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, which ruled a juror had been wrongly dismissed.

"I wish someone from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals was here, since they decided to give Ali a second trial, I was disappointed no one showed up," Biletnikoff said.

"To have to go through it again, have to see my father go through it again, my whole family years later, not a good situation, though the outcome is what we hoped for," Tracey's brother Fred Biletnikoff Jr. said.

Ali's defense attorney says his client did not plan or intend to kill Tracey.

Ali will be sentenced in June.

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