Deadline for CA districts to notify teachers of layoffs


According to the California Teachers Association, nearly 20,000 teachers have received notices, 1,400 in the Bay Area. The teachers' union thinks that number will go up because they haven't heard from every district in California.

Thursday's notices were preliminary. They become official in May, usually by the time districts have balanced their budgets. This year though, there is a lot of uncertainty because districts don't know if the governor's tax proposal will pass. Gov. Jerry Brown wants a temporary tax hike on wealthier Californians and a sales tax increase as well. Otherwise, districts will instead see close to $5 billion in cuts to education.

"The wave of turmoil from pink slips is rolling through our classroom and the families of our students," CTA Vice President Eric Heins said. "It's time to put aside our differences and stand together to support the best initiative for our children, our communities and our state."

The teachers union made the announcement in Brisbane. They have a very small school district. There are only 30 teachers and 8 of them received pink slips.

"It's exhausting because each year I set up my classroom and at the end of the school year, I pack it all up and bring it back home," pink slipped teacher Cynthia Dalmacio said. "If it were just a job, it would be OK, but it's who I am."

Brisbane expected this, so the city went ahead and put a parcel tax measure on the ballot. Residents will vote on April 10 on Measure Q. It's $156 per year for six years. If it passes those eight teachers will have a job next September.

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