Google hosts 'Bring Your Parents to Work Day'


Even with their inside connection, a lot of parents of Googlers probably do not have a clue what their kids do there. Say "Chromebook," "Android," or "algorithm" and you're likely to get a shrug or a puzzled look. Not anymore.

It is a rare sight to see anyone much past 30 walking around the Google campus, but not on Thursday. 4,000 parents were invited to work by their sons or daughters. "I immediately thought back to 'Take Your Daughter To Work Day' and how I always enjoyed doing that, and this is an opportunity to kind of reverse that," Google Product Marketing Manager Kate Pacher told ABC7.

There were workshops to learn how to use Google's powerful search engine, but food, not technology seemed more of a draw. "I'm also hoping to get some of that famous food, the food that Google's famous for," Matthew Pacher said. "I wanted to eat the food and get a massage. I got a massage, so we're going to eat some food next," Gary DeSantis said.

There were fun things to do, such as posing for photos at a Google sign and taking a tour. There was also a digital display of VIP's who have been to Google. "I think we're like a family here. Children come by, parents come by, and we want them to be able to express what it's like to work at Google as well," said. They started their day with a briefing on Google's history and the scope of its products and services. At the end of the day, they were in awe of their kids. "It's exciting to see my daughter Stephanie part of the frontier and all the new technology with this company that's just setting the pace that other companies are probably going to have to keep up with," DeSantis said.

In Silicon Valley, there has always been some envy when people find out that someone works at Google. Well, now the parents of Googlers have bragging rights now that they've been inside.

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