Job shipping scam takes advantage of out of work


You post a resume, go through an interview and land the position, and that's when your problems begin. It is a scam of international proportions.

Finney: What are these?
Cheryl Evans-Venson: They are tires and tires aren't the only thing they shipped to me. These are actually the last parcel that they shipped to me.

Evans-Venson has been working as a shipping agent -- the job she landed after posting her resume on an online job site and being interviewed by an international shipping firm.

"The first thing I received was snowboard bindings. It was weird and I had to unload, take everything out, check and make sure it was in good condition, take a picture of it, send it to her, fill out a report on everything, how the condition was and everything like that, send that to her and then she would send me the shipping labels," said Evans-Venson.

After receiving and reshipping 10 items she never got paid. And the postal service says, she probably never will.

Finney: The merchandise was going to Russia.
Jeff Fitch: It is all gone.

Fitch, a U.S. Postal Inspector, says Evans-Venson may have been tricked into participating in an international shipping fraud.

"Sending you merchandise and have you re-package it and either ship it out of state or out of the country and that merchandise is usually attached with a stolen credit card. The down side of that is not only you a victim you're also part of the scheme," said Fitch.

Evans-Venson: I've been told to contact the Better Business Bureau, but I have been putting it off, and putting it off, and putting it off. So I contacted you before contacting the Better Business Bureau.
Finney: There's no reason to contact them. I am going to give you a phone number for you to contact postal inspectors and they know you are going to be calling. You're the victim here, we don't want anybody showing up thinking you're not the victim.

One final thought here -- Evans-Venson says it hurts to be scammed. So if you've been taken advantage of, let me know about it.

These scammers are pretty sophisticated and they set up website so people go on there, answer questions, and then they close the site down.

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