Previously conjoined Calif. twins recovering nicely


Remember the conjoined twins ABC7 introduced you to last year, who underwent surgery at Lucile Packard hospital? A rare post-surgery close-up revealed that the girls are well on their way to recovery.

Angelica and Angelina dressed up for their hospital play date and why not? Having fun together, but separately, was once unthinkable. Now, they're running circles around each other. "They are so active and they have their own dreams. When we're watching American Idol they said 'I want to be the next American Idol,'" their aunt Marites Sabuco said.

Surgeons at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital are the real stars. In November, they performed a 10-hour operation to separate the conjoined twins. Nearly six months later, their development is right on schedule. Angelica is left handed and Angelina is right handed. "Actually, that's a fact I didn't know, but you could think that that would make sense, if they were facing each other," lead surgeon Dr. Gary Hartman said.

Their personalities since the surgery haven't changed. Angelica is more outgoing and Angelina more reserved. "Angelica is the one that makes her sister smile by pressing her lips," said their uncle Roger Agcanas. The girls will celebrate their third birthday in August and the family says its wishes have already come true.

The Sabuco's call Angelica "Icah" and Angelina "Inah," good stage names if they ever become singers, but their futures might just honor the professionals who changed their lives. "What do you want to be baby, when you grow up? She wants to be a doctor and Inah is a nurse," their mother Ginady Sabuco said laughingly.

The laughter comes easy now that anything is possible.

Special needs trusts have been established for Angelica and Angelina. Checks should be made payable to Sonofrio - Fidel Sabuco, Trustee, followed by the name and EIN:

Angelica Sabuco Irrevocable Special Needs trusts, EIN 45-66661643, Sofronio Fidel Sabuco, Jr., Trustee
Angelina Sabuco Irrevocable Special Needs trusts, EIN 45-66661629, Sofronio Fidel Sabuco, Jr., Trustee

Send checks to Sonofrio - Fidel Sabuco, Trustee, 2350 Beryessa Road, Post Office Box 355, San Jose, CA 95132.

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