Vandals target police station, Mission District cars


The Mission District police station is under heavy guard. Officers were lined up in front of the building in case vandals decide to return. Witnesses say about 50-60 people dressed in black, presumably anarchists, started breaking windows, throwing paint, and committing all sorts of vandalism throughout the Mission District. The police station was among the hardest hit, as well as other businesses and property owners along Valencia Street.

There were several dozen vehicles with broken windows, slashed tires, and graffiti.

"They were anarchists all dressed in black," said Steve, a Mission District resident.

The group of vandals were believed to be part of a anti-capitalism, anti-gentrification demonstration that began at Mission Dolores Park at 8 p.m. A march followed an hour later and shortly after that is when the vandalism started.

As you can imagine, people in the Mission District are angry.

"I just work in this building and these guys were walking down the street. When I looked out the window, he's yelling, and when I opened the window, I saw my car and he's writing on the top. I said, 'Hey, that's my car,'" said Mert Atangan, a vandalism victim.

"If you're going to take your comments and have free speech, that's something very different from actually taking action out on people, individuals, all middle class people, just breaking property and destroying property that belongs to other people who are hard working, just like everyone else, it's inappropriate," said Steve.

Some property owners were already out by 11 p.m. power washing to remove some of the paint.

Police made at least one arrest, but it's unclear what the charge will be.

Other May Day events are scheduled for Tuesday in San Francisco. There will be a march in the Mission District starting at 10 a.m. and a rally at Montgomery and Market Streets at noon.

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