Father of 18-year-old police shooting victim speaks out


At 90th Avenue and Burch Street in Oakland a family friend and about 20 supporters marched down the street to the place where police shot and killed Blueford. He was an 18-year-old student at Skyline High School. He and two other friends were standing on the corner shortly after midnight Sunday morning.

According to police, two officers thought one of the men had a gun, so they decided to stop them and that's when all three took off running. One officer chased Blueford for about two blocks and that's when the officer shot Blueford three times, while accidentally shooting himself in the foot.

Police say there are multiple witnesses who saw Blueford point a gun at the officer. They say a pistol was recovered at the scene and it doesn't look like it was fired.

Blueford's father says he was at a friend's house where they had just finished watching the Floyd Mayweather boxing match.

"I talked to him 15 minutes, he called me before this incident happened. I asked him what he was doing, I told him Oakland is not a good place be, man. I told him to be careful. He said, 'Dad, I'm OK. I'm just waiting on some girls in a Chrysler.' I said 'OK, man.' He said, 'I'm coming to get my phone.' He left his phone with me and he never made it," said Adam Blueford, Alan's father.

"Now the question to me, without knowing more, is where was the gun in relation to the time he got shot. Was it in his pocket, in his pants, or not?" said the family's attorney John Burris.

The Oakland Police Department spokesperson says he does not know exactly where that gun was found and he declined an on-camera interview. They say Blueford was on juvenile probation for felony burglary out of San Joaquin County. The two other people who were involved were detained by police and questioned for six hours.

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