OPD confiscate weapons after sweep

After arresting 32 people with outstanding warrants, the Oakland police confiscated multiple weapons. (Photo courtesy the Oakland Police Department)

May 14, 2012 5:46:55 PM PDT
Oakland police showed some of the weapons they took off the streets after arresting more than 30 people on outstanding warrants. The haul included two assault rifles, a revolver and a home-made zip gun.

Oakland police arrested 32 people over three days last week. Several agencies, including the U.S. Marshal's Service, helped round up the suspects. The arrests included people who were wanted for murder, robbery, and assault.

"I look at this as a positive step because these are 32 people who are no longer on the streets of Oakland committing offenses that they should be in custody for," said Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan.

Investigators plan to see if any of the weapons they confiscated have been used in any recent crimes in Oakland.