Occupy the Farm protesters try to plan next move


Early Thursday evening a small band of Occupy the Farm members and supporters gathered in front of the library.

Occupy the Farm members say they'll leave from the library and march to the UC Berkeley chancellor's mansion, on campus.

Many of them are still upset after being kicked off UC Berkeley owned land. Around 6 a.m., UC police swept in and forced the occupiers off the land used for agriculture research.

At least one occupier jumped the fence on Monday afternoon and made a daring attempt to water the crops they've been nurturing for about three weeks.

Cal officials say they told the occupiers they could continue tending their crops, as long as they didn't camp there, but they say the occupiers turned them down. The Occupy members say the university refused to put their promise in writing, and that's why the turned it down.

The university says it's prepared to deal with it and they've called in UC police from other campuses, such as UC Davis and Irvine, to help out.

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